About Us

The AAH Mission is to help children in rural Uganda reach their full potential.


Our goal is to serve as a model which lifts the standards of education and demonstrates that children can learn when their basic needs are met.

What We Do


Our students all passed the Primary Leaving Exam – most with top grades. The results put our AAH school in the top 1% of schools nationwide.



Our program is operated in the U.S. almost entirely by volunteers. Donate your time and talents to help make our program all it can be.

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Learn more about Bumwalukani, the rural village in Eastern Uganda which is home to our primary school. One Village: A Story of Hope in Uganda

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Words from our Sponsors

Last Christmas, I sponsored a little girl for my 7 year old niece, Samantha. She has enjoyed writing to and receiving letters from Kalenda. I plan to continue sponsoring Kalenda, so that the two of them can grow up writing to each other. Long after the toys I bought Samantha have been forgotten, she will remember Kalenda. – Karen H., Alexandria, VA
We Americans are so fortunate. In Uganda, people can’t take for granted basic things our kids just expect. Every child should have the opportunity to learn. The Ugandan children send me wonderful letters that show we are making a true difference in their lives every single day. - Anne F., Arlington, VA