AAH Uganda Board of Directors

Saferio Wambukhu


Damascus Masaba

Vice Chairperson
Damascus represents Nakatsi sub-county.

Stephen Wakyaya


Sarah Sabano

Sarah is the Head Teacher at Arlington Junior School.

Milton Kamoti

AAH Uganda Program Director
jennipher khawoya

Jeniffer Khawoya

Jeniffer represents Bupoto.
Wilson Masawi

Wilson Masawi

Wilson represents Bumwalukani.

Beatrice Walela

Beatrice represents the Arlington Junior School Parent Teacher Association.

Wilson Wambete

Wilson represents Bupoto.
john wanda

John Wanda

joyce wanda

Joyce Wanda


AAH Uganda Key Staff

Milton Kamoti

Program Director
fareeda abdulkareem

Fareeda Abdulkareem

International Coordinator

Phoebe Lubango

Secondary Coordinator

Daphne Mabonga

Outreach Coordinator

Godfrey Mutebi

Deputy Head Teacher

Jamiru Mutinye

In Charge, Beatrice Tierney Health Clinic Bumwalukani

Sarah Sabano

Head Teacher, Arlington Junior School
jenipher seera

Jenipher Seera

In Charge, Beatrice Tierney Health Clinic Bupoto

Andrew Wakwale

Senior Accountant

Sam Wambaka

University Coordinator

Sam Warara

Procurement Officer

A favorite overarching theme I experienced with the people and their culture was the sense of community and their holistic ways of thinking and doing. Being welcomed into Saku Saku to teach lessons and being welcomed by the community at large – welcome ceremonies, home visits, birthday celebrations, the introduction ceremony and creating bonds with people in the village just through playing a game of netball every evening was truly remarkable. These experiences exposed me to a different way of thinking and shed light on things I may not have thought of otherwise. Through my experiences, I met some of the most inspiring and altruistic individuals that I am now lucky to call my friends.