Sponsoring a student’s education through AAH is one of the most rewarding ways you can give.  

Since Arlington Junior School opened, AAH’s sponsorship program has matched AJS students with sponsoring families from the US. We are proud that so many of our primary school students pass Uganda’s Primary Learning Exam (PLE) and proceed to secondary and post-secondary education. Attendance in these programs is prohibitively expensive for the students, so we truly appreciate your help in supporting their opportunities and future successes.

Sponsors are needed at all levels! See below for more information.

Student Sponsorships

What are sponsorships?

An AAH student sponsorship is a special kind of giving that creates a one-to-one connection between the donor and a Ugandan student. When donors become sponsors, they can form a life-long bond that inspires and transforms an entire community. Over the years, sponsors have developed deep relationships with their students and have witnessed their growth and educational success as the students advance through primary, secondary, and post-secondary education.  

Will my sponsorship connect me with an actual student?

Yes! You will be matched with a student. You will receive a photo of your student and a short biography with information on their name, age, grade, and family. Through AAH, students and their sponsors exchange letters three times per year. Sponsors can also visit the student and the community either on one of the AAH annual trips or by going as a volunteer. By sending letters regularly or visiting Uganda, you can interact with your sponsored student and establish a friendship that carries a special meaning for you both. 

How will my sponsorship donation be used?

We strive to create lasting change for your sponsored student and their community through programs that focus on education, healthcare, and economic development. Our experience has taught us that the most effective way to help our students is by pooling your contribution with those of other sponsors and donors, rather than just giving it directly to your sponsored student. This strategy makes your contribution tax-deductible and ensures that other AJS students who may never have the opportunity to have a sponsor of their own will still benefit from your support and our programs.

How long will my sponsorship last?

Sponsorships are annual and can be renewed until your sponsored child graduates from tertiary studies. A sponsor can withdraw their support at any time at their discretion.

Does the student’s family contribute anything?

Yes! All parents — primary, secondary, and post-secondary — are required to pay a parental contribution for each school term.  Although the contribution is small, it represents the partnership between AAH and the family to further the student’s education.

We want our people in Uganda to see that this is their project. They need to own it, embrace it, be invested in it. That is why it is necessary for each of our people to make a financial contribution -- whatever their resources are. They will be more invested in the AAH's success when they know their support is critical to its success. If they see it as an American organization, they will have no vested interest in its success and no input in its direction. Their financial contribution makes them know they are part of this transformational process.
John WandaCo-founder

What was most memorable during my time volunteering was meeting each of my sponsored students and their family.


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