AAH partners with communities in rural Uganda to improve the quality of their daily lives and realize their future potential through improved education, healthcare, and community development.


Our goal is to serve as a model which lifts the standards of education and demonstrates student success at the primary, secondary and post-secondary level.

Educating Students


We understand that health is central to a child’s long-term success. That’s why we have two clinics to ensure that both the students and members of the community at large have access to reliable, high quality health services.

Providing Healthcare

Community Development

AAH’s ripple effect is felt throughout the community. AAH Uganda is a major employer and impacts the local economy and entrepreneurial opportunities through our demand for construction services, school supplies, textbooks, food, transportation, and more.

Strengthening Communities

As someone interested in pursuing a career in medicine I got to experience a range of things at the clinic that I would never see in the US.  Volunteering probably changed my path a bit. I still want the same general career in medicine, but not in the classic way I might have thought before. I just realize the world is bigger than my state now and I have to do something about that.