Community Development

AAH works with local community members to promote the growth of self-sustaining and vibrant communities.  We seek opportunities to develop and reinvest the skills and expertise of AAH graduates, staff, and community members back into the local communities.  In addition to AAH’s positive impact on the local economy, we support local women’s microfinance programs. We plan to expand our community development to sustainable agriculture programs and to small and micro-enterprises.

Impact beyond schools & clinics

AAH Uganda employs teachers, administrators, medical workers, and support staff. With steady employment and better pay, the standard of living of these workers has improved, which enables them to build better homes for their families and put their children through school. AAH also impacts the local economy and enhances entrepreneurial opportunities through our demand for construction services, school supplies, textbooks, food, transportation, and more.

In 2008, AAH began supporting a microfinance program when we teamed up with Women’s MicroFinance Initiative (WMI), a Bethesda, MD-based microfinance organization working in East Africa. With AAH support, WMI created loan hubs in Bumwalukani and Bupoto which are still active today and support hundreds of women entrepreneurs.

In 2010, AAH partnered with the DC-based Kamal Foundation to rebuild Bulobi and Bumwalye primary schools in Bududa.

In 2012, AAH partnered with TOMS Shoes and distributed more than 30,000 pairs of shoes to local schools and communities in Bududa, Manafwa, Mbale, and Sironko districts.

AAH's focus is on the local communities in Uganda who need our services. We are not some corporate organization in America who is trying to do good in the world. We are part and parcel of the people of our community -- sharing the same values, and working together to make life better for everybody. People trust us because they know who we are and what our common goals are.
John WandaCo-founder
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AAH has truly made a difference in the Bududa District. It really is a hopeful place – you can sense that the children and teachers love the school.


Professor, volunteer