Post-Secondary Program

AAH is committed to helping our students achieve the highest level of education possible, including advanced tertiary and university degrees.  In 2016, our first class of 17 AAH students graduated with Bachelor’s degrees joining 32 other graduates of diploma and certificate programs. We’re thrilled that several of these graduates have returned to AAH Uganda schools and clinics as teachers, nurses, midwives, counselors, lab techs, and coordinators.

My hope is that each of the students who have gone through the AAH program reaches a point in their future when they ask themselves how they can be used for a greater purpose than their own. Life is so great when you lift someone else in need. AAH is doing that everyday!
Joyce WandaCo-founder

A degree is no longer a dream

In 2017, 112 post-secondary students in our program were studying Business Administration, Nursing, Human Resources Management, Medicine and Surgery, Accounting and Finance, Midwifery, Education, Secretarial Studies, Procurement and Logistics Management, Agriculture, Information Technology, Mechanics, Water and Sanitation, Women’s Health, Engineering, Medical Laboratory Science, and much more.

Being able to witness education in different parts of the world will be hugely beneficial to my work back in the US and being able to teach my students about the world as a whole. It has enabled me to continue building bridges across our world to create a better future. This trip has helped me to become a better teacher and has reconfirmed for me that I am in the right profession. My passions have always been rooted in international educational advocacy and promoting education as a basic human right, and Arlington has given me the opportunity to start moving in that direction.